Have you gotten the lyrics from J.Lo & Ja Rule's 'I'm Real (Remix)' wrong for 15 years?

Have you gotten the lyrics from J.Lo & Ja Rule's 'I'm Real (Remix)' wrong for 15 years?

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Back in the early 2000s Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule were at the top of their game! So it was only natural that the two superstars fused together some of the decade's best Hip-Hop/R&B collaborations. Their most famous collaboration is arguably 2001's I'm Real (Remix). (Although 2002's Ain't It Funny (Remix) is that ish too!)

However, one of the most famous lyrics from that song is not actually the real lyric. For the last 15 damn years, many fans who absolutely LOVE the song thought that when Ja Rule asked J.Lo “What’s my motherfuckin’ name?” she replied “Are you Ellie?” NOPE! The lyric is actually ... drum roll ... 

“R-U-L-E.” J.Lo responds "R-U-L-E!" Ha! Honest mistake, but we're wondering how many of you have been getting the lyric wrong all this time.

Have you been mishearing the lyric as "Ellie" all these years?

Some fans say they knew the lyrics and are shaming those of us who had no clue! Were you in the know?

What has it been for you all of this time: #IDKImReal lyrics or #IknowImReal lyrics?

The Votes Are In!
Before you read the perspectives, pump this for four minutes.
Some folks had no clue that J.Lo was saying "R.U.L.E." ...
Others fans knew better!
QuestLove called out those who thought the lyrics were "are you Ellie?" as not true hip-hop lovers.
And some thought that she was saying “are you early?” or “are you ready?” … nope!
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