Harry Styles finally reveals new hairdo!
via Instagram (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles finally reveals new hairdo!

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Wow! Fans REALLY wanted to see Harry Styles' new do. The One Direction boy bander revealed in an Instagram photo that he cut off his hair last Friday. Styles donated his locks to charity. 

Now fans can take a look! The Sun got exclusive photos of Styles' new do right after a fake photo circulated! Styles was taking a stroll in London. Although he's wearing a cap, you can still get a good glimpse at his short hair. Do you like it or nah?

Take a look at the photos below under perspectives!

What do you think: #HarryStillPerfect or #WhyHarryWhy?!!

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First off, this isn't Styles' new do. Fan Ellis Lacy created and tweeted the fake photo below.
The Sun has the exclusive photos of Styles' new hair!
Fans are posting his "short hair, don't care" moment, and they are loving it.
Fans are saying he is still perfect, short hair and all.
Does Ryan Seacrest not like Styles' new hair?
Many miss his locks.
It's a bittersweet moment for some.
And some just want him to give them a photo without the hat!
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