Guns N' Roses just headlined Coachella
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Guns N' Roses just headlined Coachella

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Guns N' Roses took the stage on the second night of Coachella for an 80's rock infused set. 

With a cast on his leg Axel Rose sat in on a rock throne (borrowed from Dave Grohl, who designed it when he broke his leg) and belted out "Welcome to the Jungle." Fans cheered.

Was this just a sad Las Vegas show on steroids? Another example of a band, well past its prime, getting a fleeting moment of glory and respectful fans obliging them. Or is there still an audience for authentic 80's glam rock - the likes of which Guns N' Roses can deliver like no other. 

How you feel about that question may also suggest how you will view AC/DC's upcoming tour - where Axel Rose will be the lead singer! Is this nostalgia on parade, or rock and roll greats coming to kick some ass?

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Some fans couldn't get enough.
Even if you liked the show, there was something surreal about it. A time warp of sorts.
Many fans are pumped about Axel Rose going on tour with AC/DC.
Others were "less than impressed" by the set.
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