Funniest self-deprecating stand-up: Louis C.K. or Hannibal Buress?

Funniest self-deprecating stand-up: Louis C.K. or Hannibal Buress?

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Louis C.K. and Hannibal Buress are two of the best stand-up comics out there, both known for their brand of self-deprecating humor. Louis' long career arc has taken him from opening for Jerry Seinfeld to producing the critically-acclaimed "Louie" on FX. Buress got his start on "The Awkward Comedy Show"in 2009, and is probably best known for bringing attention to Bill Cosby's glossed-over history of rape after one of his jokes went viral. But whose self-deprecating humor makes you belly laugh?

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After a year like 2016, we could all use a laugh. That's why we've taken 16 of the most beloved comedians of all-time and are pitting them against each other all month long! Who's the funniest? You decide and we'll announce the king (or queen) of comedy at the end of the month!

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Louis C.K's humor is grounded in his ability to flip the script on everything we hold sacred and twists it into its absurd logical conclusion. No one can beat him at his game. 

The G-word applies because Louis C.K. is, like Pryor, so much more than, and more vital than, a comedian. I’m not referring here to the quantitative "more than" of C.K.’s extra-stand-up professional life, mind-boggling as that is (writing/producing/directing/starring in his semi-auto-biographical FX series, Louie, starting its fourth season this month, large roles in David O. Russell’s American Hustle and Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, et cetera). I’m pretty sure I’m not even referring to content—that is, to the endless shocks of self-recognition C.K. delivers, about how we Americans are and aren’t thinking, feeling, fucking, connecting in the second decade of the twenty-first century. No, C.K.’s genius is all about how he forcefully accesses that psychic marrow of ours, "going there" in an era in which it’s gotten all but impossible to shock. There is nothing he can’t and won’t demystify or de-sentimentalize. "[My 4-year-old daughter] is a fuckin’ asshole," he rails in 2007’s Shameless, thereby pimp-slapping everything decent everyone in his audience hopes they stand for. "’You think I actually give a shit about the dog you saw?... I’ve got better stories than you. I have an interesting life. I’m on TV. I won an Emmy. You don’t ask what happened to me today in my life, you little bitch!’"

Forget demystifying. This is an obliterating genius, an absurd, self-disgusted, generous, horny, inquisitive, belligerent, deep-felt, smart-stupid, bare-naked, vulgar, deeply ruminative, face-fuckingly frank genius.

Here is some of Louis C.K.'s best material.

Hannibal Buress went viral with his joke about Bill Cosby's history of rape, but he's since launched himself into mainstream stardom with a central role on "Broad City." His humor focuses on the mundane, but don't let that fool you. 

In 2010, Buress’s apparently-about-nothing set on Mash Up, Comedy Central’s showcase of young comedians, caught the attention of Jonas Larsen, the network’s senior vice president of talent and specials. “He’s such a prolific observational storyteller with such a unique take on the world around him,” says Larsen, who gave Buress his first TV special, Animal Furnace, in 2011. “He’s like the Muhammad Ali of comedy. He makes it look so easy. He dances around you, then gets you from the side.”

Here is a snippet of Hannibal's stand-up act.

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