Funniest comedian-turned-director: Woody Allen or Mel Brooks?

Funniest comedian-turned-director: Woody Allen or Mel Brooks?

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Woody Allen and Mel Brooks both started as stand-up comics and eventually became legendary movie directors. Mel Brooks has a genre all to his own, with iconic films like "Blazing Saddles," "Space Balls" and "The Producers." Woody Allen's self-deprecating humor is one of a kind. He explored the movie-making process, broke the fourth wall and is still producing comedic classics to this day. Who is the best comedian-turned-director? 🎬

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After a year like 2016, we could all use a laugh. That's why we've taken 16 of the most beloved comedians of all-time and are pitting them against each other all month long! Who's the funniest? You decide and we'll announce the king (or queen) of comedy at the end of the month!

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Mel Brooks has the ability to get you to root for anything! 

He'll have you rooting for two corrupt broadway producers, a parody of Darth Vader and even Frankenstein's monster. Mel Brooks made things over the top and unbelievable. His movies keep you watching for every visual play on words. "Walk this way" is an invitation for a gag. That's why we love Mel Brooks. 


Woody Allen often goes super intellectual with his jokes, but not Mel Brooks. He just wants to make you laugh, even if it's "low brow" humor. He'll have a scene of cowboys farting around a fire and not think twice. He made potty humor okay. 

Woody Allen's body of work is massive. He is a true director.

Nobody could do self-deprecating humor like Woody Allen. This is a guy who said he was cut from Chess Club because of his height! But there's something about the way he sputters about on screen that you just fall in love with. 


In many of his movies, Woody Allen plays a neurotic and self-obsessed version of himself. Despite being short, balding and wearing glasses, he became a kind of sex-icon in the 70's because his humor was just that good. 

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