First look at 'Power Rangers' movie costumes
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First look at 'Power Rangers' movie costumes

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Fans of the '90s kids series "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" (based on the long-running Japanese series "Super Sentai") have been totally geeking out over the movie reboot. Now that we have a first look at the team's costumes though, some aren't happy with the "Iron Man-or-RoboCop" look alike suits. Others think the suits look badass and a lot less campy than the TV series classic spandex look. 

The fan reactions come weeks after we got the first look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. Her look was both praised for being "modern and edgy," and blasted for whitewashing the character originally played by Japanese actress Machiko Soga in the '90s AND for looking too much like "Power Rangers: Turbo" villain Divatox (played by Hilary Shepard Turner).

The movie is scheduled for release on March 24, 2017.

And the real question at hand - What do you think of the new costumes: #GoGoPowerRangers or #NoNoPowerRangers?

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Let it grow on you.
Some fans actually really like the new look.
Some are iffy about the new suits, but have high hopes.
Some don't take it that seriously though.
And others hate the new look.
Others called the suits sexist.
Others poked fun at the costumes for looking like Iron Man's suit.
But some love that Power Rangers are back!
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