Fashion ran amok as usual at the 2016 Met Gala
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Fashion ran amok as usual at the 2016 Met Gala

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Known unofficially as the Met Gala, the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit is New York's premier fashion event. Attendees' ensembles often lean experimental and outrageous, and even celebs who normally play it safe show up in seriously jaw-dropping getups. 

But there is bold, challenging, boundary-defying fashion, and then there are just painful eyesores masquerading as clothes. 

Who was the worst-dressed couple at the Met Gala: We've narrowed it down to Kim & Kanye? Or the Olsen twins?  

Though they were dressed by Balmain, Kanye West's ripped pale jeans and Kim Kardashian West's ill-fitting mirrorball dress looked like something from the sale bin at Fashion Bug. But did they look worse than the Olsen twins? Mary Kate and Ashley continued their decades-long homage to the creepy twins from "The Shining," but somehow managed to look less stylish than girls who been murdered. Stringy hair, baggy dresses in beige and black, and vacuous expressions under colorless makeup gave the Olsen twins a cadaver-esque appearance (watch this video of them from Vogue's Instagram and see if it doesn't haunt your dreams). But could anything be more disturbing than Kanye's colored contacts?

 Who wore it worst?

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The Wests' outfits got a lot of press–and a lot of critiques.
Mr. and Mrs. West may have looked awful, but at least they attempted to dress in accord with the evening's "Manus x Machina" fashion technology theme.
Kanye's blue contact lenses did not go over well.
The Olsen twins' unsmiling visages & planned posing met with derision.
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