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Exclusive interviews with the 'Love is Blind' cast – what Netflix didn't show!

Netflix's "Love is Blind" has got us head over heels for this wild new show! So when Keydra and Dash got a chance to talk to Westley Baer and Matt Thomas for an exclusive look at what it's like to fall in love in pods, we needed to share it with you! Can you believe there was almost a love triangle Netflix left on the cutting room floor? I can't! Plus they sit down with Aasha to talk about the breakup scene with Carlton and Diamond.

Keydra Manns, Entertainment Editor at The Tylt, and Dash Katz, Reality TV Extraordinaire, are here to take you through the week’s hottest reality shows. Tune in every Thursday for new episodes of Love, Really? to see who fell in love on reality TV and who fell out of it, and all the drama in between.