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Emjay and Jojo of 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' reveal the truth about the show

What on reality TV is fake and what is actually real? If you missed our Instagram lives, not to worry – here's everything that Emjay had to say about his relationship with Amara, the fight with Annie, plus how his sister Shay got into reality TV and how he feels about it. Then Jojo talks about her relationship with Pleasure P, the fight with Shay, and her future work in politics she hopes to bring to the show! Will we be hearing wedding bells for anyone soon?

Keydra Manns, Entertainment Editor at The Tylt, and Dash Katz, Reality TV Extraordinaire, are here to take you through the week’s hottest reality shows. Tune in every Thursday for new episodes of Love, Really? to see who fell in love on reality TV and who fell out of it, and all the drama in between.