Album of the year: ‘Divide’ or ‘Reputation’?
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Album of the year: ‘Divide’ or ‘Reputation’?

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Ed Sheeran's "Divide" and Taylor Swift's "Reputation" are among the top commercially successful albums of the year. But we are wondering which work of art has your vote for the ultimate album of 2017? "Divide" is regarded as one of the first great albums of 2017—topping the charts in many countries including the U.S. Billboard 200. But in a few short weeks, Taylor's "Reputation' is already the top-selling album of 2017. Which is the best album of the year? 🎤

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It's the end of the year! And we're facing-off the best songs, albums, movies, TV shows, video games, sports, pro athletes and entertainers of 2017. The "Best of 2017" is chosen by a combination of popularity, impact, acclaim, rankings and/or amount sold. But ultimately, we want you to let us know who and what from 2017 won the year in each category.

2017 has been filled with many great albums from today's biggest pop stars and hip-hop artists—but perhaps four epic albums stood above the rest. We are facing off some of top LPs released in 2017. In our first round, it's "Divide" versus "Reputation," and "Damn" versus "More Life." Which will win the coveted title of "Best Album of 2017"?

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Ed's "Divide" has broken streaming records in the U.K. The album debuted atop the charts in the U.K., U.S. and Australia—just to name a few countries. "Divide" was the first album in six months (back in March) to top the Billboard 200 two weeks in a row. Sheerios were feeling Ed's newest album entry, and that was very apparent with the album's lead single "Shape of You" dominating the charts the first half of 2017. Being that the album has kept momentum over the year, it's most likely a shoe-in to be nominated for Album of the Year at the 2018 Grammys. Listen to the commercially successful "Divide" below via Spotify.

Taylor was accused of being a snake in 2016, but she channeled the hatred of her critics into another successful album perfectly titled "Reputation." The album debuted atop the Billboard 200 and stayed there in its second week. Since its Nov. 10 release, "Reputation" has already become the top-selling album of 2017. This means that Tay Tay has shut down the game again. The young pop star has gained many top-selling and Grammy award-winning albums over the years, but "Reputation" is the ultimate clapback at her haters. Listen to a few of the hits from "Reputation" below via Spotify.

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