Drake: Where in the hell is your beard?
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Drake: Where in the hell is your beard?

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Drake fans are mourning!

The Views rapper shaved off his beard for his upcoming Saturday Night Live appearance. And oh boy, did he piss off a lot of his fans! Drake posted a photo of his new look on Instagram, and then deleted it. 

He captioned the photo: "Beard making an epic come back in 2 weeks... only for you @nbcsnl."

Are you shocked and wondering where in the hell did Drake's beard go? No really?! Are you searching that photo for hair around his lips, cheeks and chin, but you can't find it? Poor Drake fans. It's going to be OK.

However, some Drake fans are staying loyal to the rapper — complementing how he looks fine ❤ ❤ ❤ with or without a beard. And although some can't wait for his beard to grow back, others said good riddance!

What do you think: #BeardedDrake or NO Drake at all? Or will #BeardlessDrake do just fine (because he's still fine )?

The Votes Are In!
Drake shocked the world when he posted a pic of himself clean shaven.
And his fans aren't happy about it!
Some fans are in shock!
Some fans say Drake is still very much so fine and for other fans to get over it!
It’s about what’s on the inside.
It will grow back!
And some fans are happy Drake's beard is gone!
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