Does Drake's 'More Life' live up to the hype?
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Does Drake's 'More Life' live up to the hype?

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Drake's just dropped his highly-anticipated playlist, "More Life," which feels more like an album. General consensus seems to be pretty darn positive; Drizzy continues to reign at the intersection of pop and hip-hop. That said, Drizzy can be a polarizing rapper. Not everyone is feeling Drake's "More Life." In fact, some music critics and rap fans think Drake is finally suffering from all the hype. What do you think? 🎤

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Rolling Stone's Brittany Spanos writes:

Aware of the way the world sees him, Drake's been vigilant with refusing to fit into the "rapper" mold he has clearly broken from. Instead, he holds a mirror to the world to show it what he sees. In the reflection is a vision of blackness and the alternative routes in which the culture manifests itself across various borders.

Hip-Hop Wired's Patrice Nelson writes:

Drake has become one of Hip-Hop’s most polarizing figures. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who just thinks Drake is “aight.” No, you’re either talking to a person who thinks Drake is the best to ever do it, or another who swears Drake is the most overhyped artist in history.
Naturally, when his newest project More Life dropped, both his haters and lovers couldn’t wait to opine on the music.

Is Drake's "More Life" overrated?


Some critics argue Drake never really takes risks or ever changes his sound. 

Drake is good, but detractors say he's not great. Sometimes artists just aren't the same after their opus. 

Team Drizzy is feeling the lengthy, new playlist!

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