Did 'The Bachelor' star Nick Viall give his final rose to the wrong contestant?
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Did 'The Bachelor' star Nick Viall give his final rose to the wrong contestant?

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Nick Viall gave his final rose to VanessaĀ Grimaldi on "The Bachelor" finale, and now the couple is engaged. While Nick and Vanessa were happy in the moment, some of the Bachelor Nation were very upset with his choice. Many fans thought Raven Gates was a better choice for Nick. The many disagreements both Nick and Vanessa had just prove they aren't as compatible. Others are happy for the new couple, and wish them best. So, did Nick pick the wrong woman in the end?šŸŒ¹

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Nick proposed to Vanessa and shocked the Bachelor Nation. Is she the one?

Members of Bachelor Nation are furious. They honestly do not believe Nick and Vanessa are a good match. They were rooting for Raven, believing that their relationship would last much longer.

People'sĀ Karen Mizoguchi wrote:

Many Bachelor alums live-tweeted during Mondayā€™s finale episode and several expressed their skepticism when it came to the future success of Viallā€™s relationship with winner Vanessa Grimaldi based off of the engaged coupleā€™s on-screen interaction.

Nick says he always knew Vanessa was right for him.Ā He told People:

Vanessa got out of the limo fairly early on and I kind of always remember comparing them to Vanessa. I remembered her name immediately.
I was fighting my feelings for Vanessa for such a long time because there were other women involved. However, once I was able and free to make my choice, I felt like my heart knew for a while.

Nick is clearly blinded. Their relationship won't last, if you ask the Bachelor Nation.

Others support his decision.

Let Nick and Vanessa be happy.

After all, it was his decision.

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