Can Henry Cavill ever top Christopher Reeve as Superman?
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Can Henry Cavill ever top Christopher Reeve as Superman?

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Geeks recently found out Henry Cavill donned Christopher Reeve's classic Superman costume in his screen test for "Man of Steel." Many fans love the homage, but the debate on whether or not Cavill can top Reeve as Superman continues. Cavill's fans argue the "Man of Steel" star has already surpassed Reeve; Cavill launched an entire shared universe! But Reeve's iteration of Superman is iconic. Some fans even believe Reeve's performance might be the best out of any superhero film ever. What do you think? 💪

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There have been many live-action versions of the Man of Steel, but Reeve is considered the most iconic. But as our generation's current Superman, fans argue Cavill has embodied the essence of Kal-El, and turned him into a superhero with more depth. Is Cavill now the top Supes?

Back when "Man of Steel" was released in 2013, E! News' John Boone wrote 15 reasons why Cavill is the PERFECT Superman. Here are a few of those reasons:

  1. First of all, because Christopher Nolan said so.
  2. Because Henry can pull off any outfit and not look completely ridiculous.
  3. Which helps when wearing a supersuit. Not every man can pull off a cape.
  4. Because he can perfectly coif his hair.
  5. In glasses, he literally looks like a completely different person.
  6. Because he looks good shirtless.

Digital Spy's Morgan Jeffery ranked Reeve as the most iconic Superman.

Richard Donner told the Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex that no one could ever play Superman the way Reeve did. 

I don’t think anyone will ever come along and play it like he played it — others will have to play it different — and on top of that, he was a really special individual. A great kid, a great person, loving and devoted, a great sense of humor and the personification of a good friend. He also made my career. I think about him an awful lot.

Cavill's legion of fans argue he is not only this generation's Man of Steel, but he's the best ever. 

Reeve's a legend, and that's hard to top.

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