Favorite 'Broad City' lead character: Abbi or Ilana?
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Favorite 'Broad City' lead character: Abbi or Ilana?

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"Broad City," the impoverished millennial stoners' answer to "Sex and The City," portrays co-dependent best friends Abbi and Ilana (played by show creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer). Abbi is an aspiring artist, gym cleaner and Bed Bath & Beyond junkie who combats chronic self-doubt with a larger-than-life-sized Oprah poster on her bedroom wall. Ilana is a hedonist with confidence in spades, gleefully cruising New York in search of pot, penises, and her best life. Whose team are you on? 👯 

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Who can't relate to Abbi? She's demeaned by her faux-spiritual gym boss, dissed by lame dudes, and semi-horrified by constantly having to sacrifice her dignity in her quest for work and love. We've ALL brawled with that roommate's nightmare boyfriend who's taken up permanent residence on our couch. We've all been regularly rendered speechless by that gorgeous neighbor. We've all suffered the humiliation of that toilet that won't flush. Abbi is our everywoman anti-hero.

"I'm an adult and I'm responsible. Let's go get some candy." —Abbi

Ilana, on the other hand, is either a trainwreck or a glorious feminist freedom fighter (or both). Proud stoner and sexual adventurer, she couldn't give less of a shit about her job or what anyone thinks of her wildly inappropriate outfit. When Ilana wants to dance, she dances. When she wants to smoke dope, she gets high as a kite. The constant in her life is her devotion to Abbi, whom she kind of wants to marry (or at least hook up with). Ilana lives life without shame. She just DGAF and for many that makes her a total hero.

"Who would you rather go down on you: Michael Buble or Janet Jackson?" —Ilana

The comfort Abbi finds at Bed Bath & Beyond rings true for so many...

But others aspire to be as subversive and indifferent to social mores as Ilana.

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