British band Radiohead "disappears completely" from the Internet

British band Radiohead "disappears completely" from the Internet

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Radiohead is famous for doing unconventional, surprising, fan-focused album releases. Last night Radiohead lovers freaked out when the band apparently deleted their entire social media presence. Front man Thom Yorke's Twitter account has disappeared completely. Even their decades-old website now links to a blank page.

Is Radiohead about to release a new album? Is this a Radiohead dream come true? #RadioheadNiceDream

Or is this just the move of a moody and independent band? #RadioheadNoSurprises

Many signs point to yes: they have a few headlining tour dates booked for the summer. One of their managers mentioned a new record would be out in June. And they haven't put anything out since they self-released 2011's mindblowing "The King Of Limbs."

Should Radiohead fans get ready for a new album? Or is this just one more unconventional move from the notoriously independent band?

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Some fans thought they might be breaking up.
Radiohead famously loathes streaming services—their social media wipe could indicate an analog release in the works.
The mercurial group might just be sick of the Internet dominating our existence.
Many think the band will be back—with a brand-new LP.
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