Beyonce masters the art of surprising her fans
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Beyonce masters the art of surprising her fans

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The BeyHive will always worship and hail their queen—but her surprises might be causing some of her fans (and even Stans) a bit of anxiety and stress.

Are Beyonce’s surprises always fun, or is the Queen Bey's unpredictability stressing you out?

Following a surprise self-titled album release in late 2013, then a surprise release of the “Formation” music video as well as a world tour announcement, Bey will now premiere her latest creation “Lemonade” on Saturday, April 23, 9 pm ET on HBO. Hmm...

Is the haunting trailer a preview of a concept music video? A mini-documentary? A revealing visual representation of an upcoming album? Or all of the above? Fans can’t figure it out,  but whatever "Lemonade" is, card-holding BeyHive members are both excited and stressed out about the latest reveal.

If you’re not afraid of the Beygency and want to join the conversation, what do you think?

The Votes Are In!
Recently, Queen Bey released her trailer to “Lemonade” and as always, the world stopped to watch.
Some fans seem to be used to her surprises and waiting in anticipation.
Buzzfeed’s Sylvia Obell created a poll for the Beyhive feeling the anxiety of Beyonce, her surprises and her greatness.
Other fans are also waiting on the announcement of an album — beyond her "Lemonade” premiere, but their anxiety is too real.
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