Best girls-can-do-it-all anthem: 'Run the World (Girls)' or 'Superwoman'?
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Best girls-can-do-it-all anthem: 'Run the World (Girls)' or 'Superwoman'?

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Women can do it! Alicia Keys and Beyoncé went into the 2010s declaring this. "Run the World (Girls)" is among Bey's signature songs about girl power, but this catchy earworm is her most aggressive female empowerment anthem. Alicia expressed that women are greater for all they endure and for all that they accomplish. Which song deserves to be labeled the greatest girl power song of all time? 🎤💁🏽

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For the past several decades—female artists have declared their independence, dismantled double standards and empowered women with their music. Enter the "Girl Power Anthem." What better way to celebrate Women's History Month than to honor the women in music who influenced feminist movements, and ultimately pick the greatest girl power anthem of all time. 


Bey and Alicia definitely inspired women to unite and stand together. So, which of their songs should be the crowned the best girl power anthem?


Beyoncé is the queen of the female empowerment anthem. "Run the World (Girls)" is praised for being direct about female empowerment (and for its catchiness). 

Notable lyrics

Some of them men think they freak this like we do
But no they don't
Make your check come at they neck,
Disrespect us no they won't
My persuasion can build a nation
Endless power, with our love we can devour
You'll do anything for me

Keys wanted to let women know they are super and they can do it—whatever it is—even when faced with many challenges.

Notable lyrics:

Cause I am a SuperwomanYes I amYes she isEven when I'm a messI still put on a vestWith an S on my chestOh yesI'm a Superwoman

Watch the music video for "Run the World (Girls)" below. 

Watch the music video for "Superwoman" below. 

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