Best comedian with a sitcom: Jerry Seinfeld or Margaret Cho?

Best comedian with a sitcom: Jerry Seinfeld or Margaret Cho?

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There was a period in the '90s when comedians didn't just own comedy clubs, but primetime TV as well. Networks couldn't get enough of shows built around stand-up comics. For Jerry Seinfeld, it lead to nine seasons of a TV show about nothing. While Margaret Cho's "All-American Girl" didn't last as long, it broke barriers as the first TV show featuring an Asian-American family. Both are elder statespeople of comedy today. But who was the best comedian with a sitcom? 🎭

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After a year like 2016, we could all use a laugh. That's why we've taken 16 of the most beloved comedians of all-time and are pitting them against each other all month long! Who's the funniest? You decide and we'll announce the king (or queen) of comedy at the end of the month!

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No matter how this goes down, let's get it out of the way. Both of these comedians are fantastic. And they are friends IRL. Who doesn't want to be their third wheel. 

Sure, Jerry has more cars, but don't count Cho out. She's going head-to-head with Jerry because she has the talent. She's done it all. She's an award-winning stand-up comic still at the top of her game. She's had her own TV show, made countless guest appearances on others and has been nominated for five Grammy awards. Yes. Grammys! For best comedic album. 

She is up again in 2017 with her fifth nomination and we think she deserves to win for her album "American Myth."

Seinfeld is great if you are into dad jokes. But Margaret Cho's humor isn't bleached into parent-friendly jokes. 

Cho's style of comedy is raw, vulgar and rips up some truth with it. Margaret says comedy is the best way to deal with hardships and that's what she tries to do with her stand-up material. It's an art form that provides an outlet for people to deal with suffering or uncomfortable truths. Seinfeld may be easier to swallow, but Cho's comedy can be incredibly powerful.


Seinfeld isn't just king, he's a kingmaker. His show launched other people's careers. He rocked a show about nothing and afterwards, made a show about comedians doing nothing. 

None of this makes any sense, but they work because he's a comedic genius.

What makes Jerry Seinfeld great is his ability to find humor in the mundane. Nothing is above scrutiny. He taps into everyone's inner anal-retentive tendencies. It takes a great comedian to make us come to terms with our own quirks.

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