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Best CW superhero show: 'Arrow' or 'The Flash'?

Ever since the premiere of "The Flash" in 2014, the show has been compared to its predecessor, "Arrow." But they're both very different. The Green Arrow borrows from both Batman and Robin Hood superhero archetypes. Oliver Queen is rich—he uses his fighting skills, gadgets (including a diverse pool of "special" arrows) to kick ass as a crimefighter.

Flash is a superhero of his own kind—a quick-witted, wisecracking and lighthearted speedster. He's simply a good guy saving the day. Barry Allen in the Arrowverse is much more serious than he is in the comics or DC Extended Universe.

While the pair has teamed up a countless number of times, their shows have similarities and distinctions. So read the perspectives, check some episodes if you need to do so, but fans—vote and tell us which is actually better.


Watch this video below that illustrates the gritty drama of "Arrow."


Watch this video below, and see why "The Flash" is so awesome and fun.


Oliver Queen is the spoiled billionaire playboy of Starling City. His father's yacht crashes and leaves him shipwrecked for five years on an isolated island. He's presumed dead. Once he's able to return to Starling City, he's a new man with a mission to stop ever-increasing crime in his hometown. He builds his own vigilante team, who helps him in his mission to stop the city's most dangerous criminals.

The crimefighter isn't afraid to get down, dirty and gritty—making the show a lot more serious than "The Flash." 


Barry Allen is an assistant police forensic investigator in Central City. He was struck by lightning during an explosion caused by S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator—giving him superhuman speed, endurance and the ability to tap into the Speed Force. He ends up teaming up with S.T.A.R. Labs and Central City police to stop other Metahumans who were also given superpowers the night of the explosion. In later seasons, he has to stop another speedster from killing others like him in the multiverse.

The Speed Force, time traveling, and the delightful comic book tone has made "The Flash" a show that keeps its fans running on their feet right alongside its titular character.


Cinema Blend's five reasons why "The Arrow" is a better show.

  • "Taking The Superhero Biz Seriously"
    • Our take: "Arrow" is darker and grittier, and not as lighthearted as "The Flash."
  • "Skills Rather Than Superpowers"
    • Our take: Queen doesn't have superpowers, but he makes up for it a variety of awesome skills.
  • "Some Assembly Required"
    • Our take: #TeamArrow a much more skilled and impressive in helping in Arrow's missions.
  • "No Enablers"
    • Our take: Arrow's team doesn't let him get away with any bullshit, basically.
  • "No Reset Button"
    • Our take: No matter how dark it is, if it happens in "Arrow" then it happens. Whereas "The Flash" can change what happens, if someone dies through time travel. Living with tragedies of super-heroics, makes for a much more interesting show.

Cinema Blend's five reasons why "The Flash" is a better show. (Hey, it goes both ways.)

  • "It's Actually Fun"
    • Our take: "Arrow" is serious, but "The Flash" takes you on much more fun, interesting adventures.
  • "It Keeps The CW-Style Romantic Melodrama To A Minimum"
    • Our take: Barry and Iris West's romance doesn't take up too much of the show. It's kept as an ongoing subplot.
  • "It Doesn’t Have A Lame Narrative Device Tying It Down"
    • Our take: "Arrow" uses the same storyline of being a playboy who kills bad guys. Storylines on "The Flash" are ever-changing or developing into something larger.
  • "Monster Of The Week Works Better Than Serial Drama"
    • Our take: New villains every week, while building on to existing storylines actually keeps the show fresh and intriguing.
  • "It's Thinking Bigger And Smarter"
    • Our take: Bringing in superheroes and villains from the multiverse, and heck, saving the multiverse makes "The Flash" a smart show.
Best CW superhero show: 'Arrow' or 'The Flash'?
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