Ultimate Fan Army: Arianators or Beliebers?
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Ultimate Fan Army: Arianators or Beliebers?

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Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande are arguably the new prince and princess of pop, respectively, and Beliebers and Arianators should be given some credit for making them top pop acts. Arianators would agree with the Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj, "young Ariana run pop." Beliebers have been by Justin's side through ups and downs, making him Billboard's top male artist of 2016Which fan army is the most mobilized? 📣

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For more than a year, fan armies have participated in a variety of polls and debates dedicated to the finest icons in all of pop-music, repping the young pop stars they "stan" for. And now the Tylt wants to honor today's most mobilized fan bases by crowning the Ultimate Fan Army of 2017.

Ultimate Fan Army—it's a cool title to have, but there are NOT any real losers. Y'all have been the absolute best this year, so no one goes home empty-handed: losing fan armies will be honored with their own unique title and the opportunity to pick the next Tylt debate featuring their favorite artist. Fan armies, it's time to get in formation. Who reps their favorite young pop star the hardest?

In the first round—the Sheerios, Rihanna Navy, XO Crew, EXO-Ls, Selenators, Mendes Army, Harmonizers, and Vampettes were all eliminated, but gifted with their own honorific titles for their dedication.

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Ariana has risen through the pop ranks with each album, producing hit after hit throughout the years. But Ariana and her fans have also persevered and banded together following the tragic 2017 Manchester Arena bombing and terrorist attack.

Ariana isn't an artist who doesn't care about her fans or doesn't give back. She hosted the benefit concert One Love Manchester in support of the victims of the bombing, and to show the Arianators the same love they've given her over the years. 

Justin has been through some hard times, but with the support of the Beliebers, he has persevered and made a huge comeback with "Purpose" in 2015. He garnered the top song of 2016 with "Love Yourself" and was named Billboard's top male artist. Justin has also scored two back-to-back #1 hits with "I'm the One" and "Despacito" this past summer. Justin is more focused than ever, and Beliebers are proud and ready. 

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