Alicia Keys drops her first big single in 4 years

Alicia Keys drops her first big single in 4 years

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Alicia Keys is back and many would say it's by popular demand. The "Songs in A Minor" singer hasn't released a mainstream single in four years. Although, she released an under-performing non-commercial single "28 Thousand Days" in 2015. Her new song "In Common" could very well be her next big commercial success. 

But Keys experimented with her sound on her last album "Girl on Fire," which was moderately successful compared to her previous works. And some critics haven't responded well to another shift in sound — some even going as far as calling "In Common" a rip-off song.

Is "In Common" Keys' comeback song? or should she go back to her roots?

Keys is gearing up for a "Saturday Night Live" appearance this weekend. And "In Common" will be featured on her upcoming sixth album.

What do you think: Is "In Common" #OnKeys or #OffKeys?

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Alicia Keys' fans woke up to new music on Wednesday.
But some don’t think it’s good at all.
And some want her to go back to her roots.
The response has been super exciting for the singer.
The Tylt's own Adrian Arizmendi loves listening to the song as he works.
Some are calling the song a rip off though!
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