Is 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' overhyped?

The highly anticipated “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is now in theaters, and the blockbuster had already brought in $14 million on Thursday night, May 24. But even though the film is already bringing in the big bucks, critics are saying the film is overrated. Some moviegoers are just hoping the film tops “The Last Jedi,” and die-hard "Star Wars" fans will probably love the film, regardless. Do you...
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Should we separate the art from alleged sexual abusers?

Eight women have accused Morgan Freeman of sexual misconduct, and he's just one of a number of high-profile celebrities to face sexual assault allegations. Hollywood has been cleaning house of celebrities and executives accused of sexual assault, thanks to the #MeToo movement and the downfall of Harvey Weinstein. Many actors have been fired from movies and TV shows. But like R. Kelly's music or...
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Who has the best new rap album: A$AP Rocky or Pusha T?

A$AP Rocky and Pusha T both dropped albums on Friday, May 25, and Twitter has been in a tizzy. A$AP Rocky's "Testing" has 15 tracks and features songs with T.I. and Frank Ocean. Pusha T's seven-track album is called "Daytona" and is produced by Kanye West. Fans are saying "Testing" sets the tone for the next wave of rappers, but P. Diddy has already solidified "Daytona" as a classic. Which new...
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Which pop group do you miss the most: One Direction or Fifth Harmony?

One Direction and Fifth Harmony were formed on "The X-Factor" franchise, and both acts dominated the pop scene with bops on top of bops. But Directioners and Harmonizers mourn the days when these pop groups ruled the charts and sold out concert venues. 1D officially went on hiatus in 2016, while 5H announced their hiatus in 2018. Most of the former members of both groups have gone solo. 1D...
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Which pop heartthrob will dominate the rest of 2018: Shawn Mendes or Zayn Malik?

Shawn Mendes and Zayn Malik are among the hottest teen heartthrobs in the pop game, and fans are anxiously awaiting every bit of new music from them both. The Mendes Army can now rejoice, as Mendes recently dropped his highly-anticipated, self-titled third studio album. Malik has been teasing his Zquad with a new album for some time, but he's dropping fire bop after fire bop in the meantime. Who...
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Does Andy Cohen owe 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' cast an apology?

Andy Cohen visited “The Jenny McCarthy Show” and accused "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast of ganging up on Kim Zolciak at their recent reunion show. The cast collectively confronted Zolciak for her bad behavior. Firstly, Cohen agreed their tongue lashings were warranted, but then he said he should've walked off the set. Cohen later backtracked, telling "The Breakfast Club" that Zolciak...
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Is it time to call it quits with 'Arrested Development'?

The cast of "Arrested Development" recently sat down with the New York Times to discuss the Netflix revival. Jeffrey Tambor has received backlash amidst harassment allegations, resulting in him being dismissed from "Transparent." In the interview, Jessica Walter revealed the verbal harassment she faced from Tambor on set and mentioned she has forgiven him. But Jason Bateman faced backlash for...
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'RuPaul's Drag Race' Ultimate Queen: Raja Gemini or Alaska Thunderfuck?

Raja Gemini and Alaska Thunderfuck beat out stiff competition in the previous rounds of the "RuPaul's Drag Race" Ultimate Queen bracket. Raja brought her versatile talents for both makeup and sewing to season three—two areas you must be a master artist in—and was ultimately crowned. Alaska has always been a fan favorite with a strong social media presence and booming music career. So, who is...
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Is 'Fahrenheit 451' worth watching?

HBO dropped "Fahrenheit 451" on May 12, and fans are praising the all-star cast. But others say the adapted film did not do the book justice. Ray Brandbury's original novel was released in 1953, but reportedly, the film did not hold a candle. "Fahrenheit 451" features Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon, but some say even their phenomenal acting chops weren't enough to make the film any good....
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Greatest folksinger: Bob Dylan or Joni Mitchell?

Bob Dylan is regarded as one of the most influential American musicians of all time. He even won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2015. But a vocal minority of fans argue Joni Mitchell is the superior singer-songwriter. From her angelic voice and genuinely poetic lyrics to her collaborations with lauded jazz musicians like Charles Mingus and Herbie Hancock, Mitchell stans say her talent dwarfs...
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