Favorite HBO geek show: 'Game of Thrones' or 'Westworld'?

"Game of Thrones" and "Westworld" are HBO's most beloved series with strong geek followings. Both series have become part of the zeitgeist thanks to critical acclaim and high ratings. Fans were lit for the season two premiere of "Westworld" in earlier 2018, after waiting patiently since late 2016. But Thronies are arguably the more established and mobilized fandom of "GoT." They are anxiously...
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Should Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK go solo?

BLACKPINK made history on Billboard 200 and Hot 100 charts earlier this year as the highest-ranking K-pop girl group of all time. The ladies of the group are all going solo, but Jennie Kim is the first to do it. Jennie recently released her track "Solo," and the video already has over 23 million views on YouTube (at the time of publication). Despite her breakout success, the South Korean artist...
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Will Pokémon movie 'Detective Pikachu' be a flop?

The highly-anticipated trailer to "Pokémon Detective Pikachu" dropped and fans are shook. But critics still argue "Detective Pikachu" has disaster written all over it. Ryan Reynolds is the titular star of "Pokémon Detective Pikachu." Some critics say he's just basically playing Deadpool again, and he's no stranger to flops. But fans are hoping Reynolds will replicate the success of the "Deadpool"...
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Favorite neo-soul queen: Jill Scott or Erykah Badu?

Jill Scott and Erykah Badu are the definitions of neo-soul. The singers took R&B to a new level, basically dominating the subgenre known as neo-soul and paving a way for other artists. Jill Scott a.k.a. "Jilly from Philly" is loved for her sultry performances and gave fans hits like "A Long Walk" and "Cross My Mind." Erykah Badu's eccentric style compliments the songwriter's eclectic sound. The...
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Favorite female rapper of the early aughts: Missy Elliott or Eve?

Missy Elliott and Eve are two of the most successful female rappers ever. Missy rose to prominence in the mid-90s and produced hits for herself, and artists like Aaliyah and Ciara. The "WTF" rapper was recently nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and is the first female rapper to receive the nod. Eve broke out in the late '90s, giving fans hits like "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" and "Gangsta...
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Most lovable Ryan Reynolds character: Detective Pikachu or Deadpool?

It was a long road, but Ryan Reynolds has found a lot of success as a superhero. Fans love the actor in the "Deadpool" franchise. Now there's another character some fans already love, and that's Reynolds in the motion-captured role of Detective Pikachu in the upcoming "Pokémon Detective Pikachu." With the trailer out, "Pokémon" fans are now interested in the 2019 film. Which lovable character is...
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Which HGTV show do you love more: 'Property Brothers' or 'Fixer Upper'?

The hosts of "Property Brothers" and "Fixer Upper" have worked miracles on their home renovation shows. "Property Brothers" follows twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott as they buy and fix up homes for couples. "Fixer Upper" starred married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines as they renovate and recreate homes. While the original show ended, Joanna got a the spinoff "Fixer Upper: Behind the Design."...
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Who's the ultimate Ryan of Hollywood: Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Gosling is turning 38 years old on November 12, and the A-list movie star is hotter than ever. There's only one other actor who compares—Ryan Reynolds. Yes, the Ryans are both beloved movie stars. But Gosling has garnered critical praise over the years for his leading roles in "The Notebook," "Half Nelson," and "La La Land." Reynolds is quite the funny guy though, revitalizing his career...
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Does the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show need to embrace curvy models?

The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show recently debuted in New York City, sparking controversy. The lingerie models have been strutting the runway for the Victoria's Secret brand since 1995 and some are arguing the look of the models haven't changed since. While many admire Victoria Secret's models, others feel the runway lacked diversity and should include curvier models. Does the Victoria's...
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Favorite breakout group from ABC's 'Boy Band': In Real Life or 4th Ave?

In Real Life and 4th Ave formed on ABC's reality competition show "Boy Band," and both boy bands are on the rise. In Real Life formed in 2017 on the first season of the show, and has bops like "Tattoo (How Bout' You)" already under their belt. 4th Ave is new to the scene, also forming from "Boy Band," and the group is giving In Real Life a run with bangers like "XOXO." Which group from the...
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