Who should be the next James Bond: Tom Hardy or Idris Elba?

Rumor has it that Tom Hardy is now in contention to star in the next James Bond movie as globe-trotting super spy 007. Although Hardy joins a long list of actors rumored to be in contention, many fans love the idea. But others aren't giving up hope on Idris Elba. In fact, Elba can't believe fans are still campaigning for him after he announced he hasn't been approached about Bond. He's just that p…

Nelly vs. Drake: Who's the bigger rapper?

Rap Twitter is debating Nelly and Drake. Drake's fans say he has become more than just an artist—he's a pop culture icon (and the greatest fake NBA coach ever). Nelly's fans say the rapper's chart-topping track record speaks for itself—he's had four songs peak at No. 1 on the charts. Drake has only had one. What do you think?…

Who's the real piano man: Billy Joel or Elton John?

Billy Joel and Elton John are both iconic soft-rock songwriters with many similarities. The New York Times described them as "two gifted, idiosyncratic artists who exist... between pop and rock, where Broadway show tunes, classical compositions, ragtime, gospel and rock-and-roll mingle freely." They've toured together seven times and even feuded for several years (at one point arguing about who ha…

Are you excited for the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo finally unveiled the Nintendo Switch at its event Friday. Fans say the console is a game changer thanks to its innovative design—it's the ultimate take anywhere party console. Skeptics say the new design has too many parts that are easily broken or lost. What do you think?…

Which music genre reigns supreme: Punk rock or metal?

While the kids get along much better these days, punk and metal fans hated each other in the '70s and '80s, and some of that loathing still exists today. Punk accuses metal of being meaningless, wanky, and elitist. Metal derides punk for being unskilled, simplistic, and political. Metalheads revere technical prowess and showmanship, while punk rockers champion the DIY ethic, the message and the me…

Who's funnier—Jerry Seinfeld or Dave Chappelle?

Jerry Seinfeld may be the greatest observational comic ever, and his show "Seinfeld" was a game changer. But Dave Chappelle took on racial injustice, politics and pop culture in both his stand-up act and the wildly successful "Chappelle's Show." Chappelle walked away from a $55 million contract with Comedy Central in 2005 and has performed sporadically ever since. Seinfeld is still doing his thing…

Who's funnier—Louis C.K. or Jon Stewart?

Louis C.K. is the do-it-all king of comedy. He's a writer, actor, director and editor for his own show. He does stand up, he's a dad, he does it all. Jon Stewart is no slouch either. His role as host of "The Daily Show" endeared him to millions of Americans, thanks largely in part to his hilarious take downs of politicians and the punditry class. Tylters said Louis C.K. is the funniest self-deprec…

Who's funnier—Steve Martin or Jimmy Kimmel?

Steven Martin is a comedy legend, whose absurdist comedy routine sold out venues across America and catapulted Martin to a successful film and music career. Originally an outsider to network television, Jimmy Kimmel has quickly become the reigning king of late night comedy with his commitment to pranks, stunts and viral videos. Tylters overwhelming said Martin has the best comedy act and narrowly…

Who's funnier—Joan Rivers or Woody Allen?

Woody Allen is one of comedy's most prolific larger-than-life figures. His career, which spans over 40 years and 47 movies, has inspired countless comedians and cemented his place in comedy history. Joan Rivers forged a path for women in comedy. She's the only woman to host a late-night comedy show and pioneered modern stand up comedy. Tylters picked Rivers as the most ground breaking comedian, an…

Should TV classics be rebooted?

Classic movies aren't the only form of entertainment that Hollywood reboots. TV networks and online streaming services are rebooting many popular TV shows of the past. TV lovers are enjoying television classics brought back to life. But critics argue there are too many bad TV reboots and sequels, and they're never as good as the original. Do we really need more reboots and sequels of TV favorites?…