Best VH1 reality show: 'America's Next Top Model' or 'RuPaul's Drag Race'?

"America's Next Top Model' and "RuPaul's Drag Race" are both slaying on VH1 now.  While "ANTM" is about finding the next fiercest supermodel and "Drag Race" is about crowning the next drag queen, both shows draw similarities. "ANTM" paved the way for other competition shows like "Drag Race." Still, "Drag Race" fans argue the queens on the show are far more interesting (and entertaining) than any s…

Which show is better: 'Arrow' or 'The Flash'?

"Arrow" and "The Flash" truly reinvented live-action super-heroics on the small screen, and both shows have remained popular since their debuts on the CW. "Arrow" premiered in fall 2012 as a crime-fighting drama, and paved the way for future DC superhero shows. "The Flash" premiered two years later, but brought a fun and adventurous tone. DC fans often use the shows' tones, characters and storylin…

Who's better: Kendrick Lamar or Drake?

Kendrick Lamar released new heat with his latest song, "The Heart Part 4." Fans argue he not only dissed Drake on the track, but it also tops Drake's latest album "More Life." While the rappers are on opposite ends on the rap spectrum, they are often compared and pitted up against each other. Kendrick is arguably this generation's greatest rapper, but Drake is a bigger artist overall. Drizzy fans…

Is Iggy Azalea making a comeback?

Iggy Azalea is back with a new hit single "Mo Bounce." Many critics say she's a poser, a bad rapper, and her career has an expiration date. Azaleans are happy she's back and some rap-pop fans argue "Mo Bounce" is her comeback song. What do you think? 🎤…

Better girl power anthem: 'Can't Hold Us Down' or 'Superwoman'?

Christina Aguilera's "Can't Hold Us Down" and Alicia Keys "Superwoman" easily made it to the second round of our Best Girl Power Anthem bracket. Xtina's smash hit gives a very bold (and necessary) message about the many double standards women face in society, and how these struggles hold them down. Alicia's single expresses the litany of challenges women face every day, but how women are strong, p…

Better girl power anthem: 'Wannabe' or 'Miss Independent'?

Spice Girls' "Wannabe" and Kelly Clarkson's "Miss Independent" reigned supreme in the first round of our Best Girl Power Anthem bracket. "Wannabe" is the epitome of girl power and friendship. "Miss Independent" is an anthem about being an independent woman in love—and there ain't nothing wrong with having both. Which song should be given the title of best girl power anthem? 🎤💁🏻💁🏼💁🏽💁🏾💁🏿…

Better girl power anthem: 'I Will Survive' or 'U.N.I.T.Y.'?

Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" and Queen Latifah's "U.N.I.T.Y." crushed the competition in the first round of our Best Girl Power Anthem bracket. Gaynor recorded possibly the greatest women's survival anthem, while Latifah rapped the best respect-demanding empowerment song. Which song should be crowned the best girl power anthem of all-time? 🎤💁🏿💁🏽…

Better girl power anthem: 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' or 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman!'?

Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" beat out the competition in the first round of our Best Girl Power Anthem bracket. "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" celebrates girlhood and empowers girls to be free, despite being told how to act. "Man! I Feel Like A Woman" embraces the beauty of being both feminine and a strong woman. Which song should be na…

Does the 'CHiPS' movie reboot fall flat?

Buddy action-comedy "CHiPS" is now out in theaters. While the motion picture reboot of the classic television series (1977-1983) is making moviegoers laugh, film critics say "CHiPS" doesn't capture the magic of the original show. It's all crass humor and Hollywood clichés. But the film is not without charm; "CHiPS" boasts talented funnyman Michael Peña and Kristen Bell's husband. What do you think…

Is 'Life' an unoriginal sci-fi thriller?

Science-fiction thriller "Life" has been met with mixed reactions from moviegoers. While some film critics have embraced the deep-space alien flick as visually-thrilling and scary, others argue the film looks all too familiar. This kind of alien flick has been done before (remember "Alien"?). Still, some moviegoers and film critics are praising the performances and production values. What do you t…

Will 'Death Note' even be worth watching?

The teaser to the Netflix reboot of "Death Note" is out, and critics are pissed the show is yet another example of Hollywood whitewashing. "Death Note" was originally a manga series in 2003, and then, a Japanese film in 2006. In the "Americanized" version, now set in Seattle, mainly white actors are used. Detractors say Japanese-American actors should play the main roles. Some supporters are willi…

Is 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' a hot garbage fire or just misunderstood?

After five years of development, gamers finally have their mitts on "Mass Effect: Andromeda." Both the original "Mass Effect" and its sequel are regarded as two of the greatest games of all-time. Hype for "Andromeda" was through the roof. Critics say the reboot is a hot mess—full of awful animations and terrible writing. In a post-Zelda world, it just doesn't cut it. Fans say the game is a wonderf…

Is the new 'Power Rangers' reboot worth seeing?

The highly-anticipated movie reboot of "Power Rangers" is finally out. Throughout the production, the film has been met with mixed reactions for the look of the characters, the darker tone, trailers and all the other changes. Some fans are simply upset the franchise is being rebooted, and film critics gave the film an overall low rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Other moviegoers are looking forward to a…

Which show is better: 'Empire' or 'Power?'

FOX's mega-hit show "Empire" has returned with its midseason premiere. But nearly two years after the iconic series premiere, "Empire" still draws major similarities to "Power," which debuted in 2014. Both popular shows have primarily Black casts and revolve around families in the pursuit of fortune. Producers on both shows (and even the stars) have feuded over the similarities. Their beef aside,…

Who's the best Star Trek captain: Kirk or Picard?

If you want to rile up Trekkies, just ask them who's the best captain in the franchise. James Tiberius Kirk was the franchise's first captain (played by William Shatner) and later rebooted in J. J. Abrams' "Star Trek" film series (played by Chris Pine). But so many fans argue Jean-Luc Picard is actually the best captain, and we have the incredible Patrick Stewart to thank for keeping the "Star Tre…

Reese Witherspoon's best movie role: June Carter or Elle Woods?

Reese Witherspoon turned 41-years-old on March 22, and fans celebrated by sharing their favorite movies starring the acclaimed actress. Still, two of her film roles standout the most—country music legend June Carter in "Walk the Line" (which won her an Oscar for Best Actress in 2006), and sorority girl-turned-lawyer Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde." The latter was a huge box office success and event…

Can Robert Downey Jr. top Eddie Murphy as Doctor Dolittle?

Robert Downey Jr. is taking on the role of Doctor Dolittle in a movie adaptation of "The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle." RDJ fans are stoked, but it was Eddie Murphy who popularized the role in 1998. So, detractors aren't just hating on the reboot, they don't want RDJ touching Murphy's iconic role. Both men are funny, but have very different comedic strengths. Will RDJ even do Doctor Dolittle justice?…

Is Nicolas Cage a bad actor?

It's time to settle whether or not Nicolas Cage can act. Objectively, you have to say he can act—he did sweep the awards for his role in "Leaving Las Vegas" (1995), earning him an Academy Award, Golden Globe and quite a few more. He also spends most of him time on screen losing his shit and screaming, so it's easy to see why people think he's a bad actor. Which is it? 🐝…

Which Marvel superhero should Taraji P. Henson play?

Taraji P. Henson has her heart set on playing a Marvel superhero, and fandom is campaigning to make sure this happens. Many fans say Taraji would bring Monica Rambeau (a.k.a. Spectrum or Captain Marvel) to life, a superhero who can transform herself into any form of light and fly. Others also see Taraji playing Bruce Banner/Hulk's cousin Jennifer Walters (a.k.a. She-Hulk)—lawyer by day, smashing H…

Does Dave Chappelle deserve credit for 'Key & Peele'?

"The Chappelle Show" on Comedy Central was truly one-of-a-kind; the D.C. native tackled race and other polarizing topics in a nontraditional sketch format. But after Chappelle's abruptly left, "Key & Peele" took up the mantle for both the network and sketch comedy. Chappelle says Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele hurt his feelings by not giving him credit for the show's success. Others argue "Ke…

Do we need another 'Doctor Dolittle' reboot?

Robert Downey Jr. will star in a reboot of the "Doctor Dolittle" franchise. For those of you who think that the 1998 version starring Eddie Murphy was the first "Dr. Dolittle," well, you're wrong. RDJ's upcoming "The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle" will be yet another reboot to the 1967 original starring Rex Harrison. While fans don't mind Downey taking a break from the Avengers to talk to animals, man…

Best Chuck Berry song: 'Roll Over Beethoven' or 'Johnny B. Goode'?

Rock legend Chuck Berry passed away at age 90 on Saturday, March 18. His legacy will live on forever. As a pioneer of rock ’n’ roll, Berry leaves behind dozens of hit songs for past and future generations. "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Johnny B. Goode" are arguably his most influential and oft-covered hits. As we honor Berry's legacy—which of these hits is his greatest? 🎸…

Best grunge band: Nirvana or Pearl Jam?

Nirvana and Pearl Jam are arguably the most well-known pioneers of the grunge movement. Pearl Jam's debut album, "Ten," actually came out right before Nirvana's breakthrough sophomore effort "Nevermind." "Ten" took on darker issues, like school shootings in "Jeremy." And to this day, music critics often argue Pearl Jam is the most influential grunge band. Still—Nirvana became an iconic band with "…