Should we give to charity instead of giving gifts for the holidays?

Americans will spend about $967 per person this holiday season; as a nation, we will dish out more than $678.8 billion on gifts. Some say this spending isn't just stressful, it's wasteful. We should stop giving unneeded gifts to each other, and instead pool our resources to give to charities and those in need. Others adore the individual gift-giving tradition, and say you can't get rid of the best…

Is Burger King better than McDonald's?

It's the ultimate battle of burger loyalty. Burger King fans say McDonald's burgers are flavorless, tiny and even worse—McDonald's doesn't even have onion rings. Flame-broiled burgers reign supreme. McDonald's can be found anywhere, and fans say it doesn't need weird gimmicks like Burger King to be good. It's just two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions—on a sesame se…

Should you drink booze at an office holiday party?

It's the holiday season, so chances are you'll be cordially invited to hang out with your co-workers and your boss at the holiday office party—right after you just spent eight hours with them. Fun! Navigating those holiday office parties is always a nightmare. Some people think there's nothing wrong with knocking a few back with your co-workers, as long you just don't get sloppy. Others think it's…

Are office holiday parties fun or tedious?

Office holiday parties are probably one of the few times you can casually walk up to the CEO, who may or may not be tipsy, and just have a chat. The jury is still out on whether that’s a good thing or not. For some, the holiday office party is a tedious and mandatory annual ritual that forces people to mingle with unlikable co-workers. For others, office holiday parties are an opportunity to have…

Is it okay to bring a date to the office holiday party?

Office holiday parties are already pretty awkward. Would bringing a date make it worse? On one hand, you'll have a new ally who you can enlist to avoid talking to your boring co-workers and you're more likely to have a fun time. On the other hand, there's that whole thing where you have to introduce your date to your boss and co-workers. That's a pretty big step if you're just casually dating. The…

Should office holiday parties be on weekends or weekdays?

Part of what makes office holiday parties the worst is that they’re usually after a workday. So, on top of your normal shift, you either go home late or race back to see your co-workers again. Some people say the best compromise is to have holiday office parties on the weekend. Others absolutely hate the idea of spending any of their personal time at a company event. Holiday office parties can be…

Are office holiday parties for networking or fun?

Office parties are often seen as joyless, stodgy affairs where everyone is being extra careful not to do anything HR will get mad about. That makes them great for networking and trying to move up the corporate ladder, but not so great for fun. But the Michael Scotts of the world beg to differ. A lot of employers talk up how they’re not just another corporate company—it’s all about working hard and…

Is the zombie apocalypse already here?

From "The Walking Dead" to "Game of Thrones," Americans are obsessed with the zombie apocalypse. Some cultural observers say it's because we feel like the end times are happening right now; the metaphor of societal breakdown brought on by roving hordes of soulless consumers rings all too true for many. But others scoff—only the privileged would actually think that 2017 America is the apocalypse. W…

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

There are few debates as divisive as the hot dog debate. One side thinks hot dogs should be considered sandwiches. It's a piece of meat that's surrounded on two sides by bread. That's a sandwich. The other side thinks hot dogs are hot dogs. It's a unique thing that should not be forced into a category in which it does not belong. What do you think? 🌭…

Should trophy hunting be banned?

Trophy hunters seek out the largest and oldest wild animals to kill and keep as trophies. Hunters say there's nothing wrong with a well-managed trophy hunt. Hunters pay large fees, which often go toward conservation efforts or the local community—and hunts are often regulated by local authorities to minimize the impact. Critics say trophy hunting is a disgusting act and is completely unnecessary.…