Which is the better milkshake flavor: Chocolate or Vanilla?

There are basically two schools of thought. Vanilla is the ultimate classic. It's purity is a thing of beauty and lends itself to infinite pairings and toppings. Chocolate, on the other hand, raises the bar. It's rich flavor brings out the best in some, but is a little too bold for others. When it comes to milkshakes–the most efficient way to consume these delicious flavors–which is superior? 
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Do you have a right to be forgotten?

Google is grappling with rights to privacy and rights to free speech. In 2014, Europe’s highest court established the idea that citizens have the right to be forgotten—a foreign concept to most Americans.  In Europe, individuals can be deleted from certain internet records. But Google and other media organizations believe that deleting all search results on a single individual worldwide amounts...
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Are you more worried about Trump or terrorism?

It goes without saying that 17 years ago, the U.S. experienced an act of terrorism unprecedented in its history. In 2016, concern for international terrorism mounted amidst a scathing election, where strategies to combat terrorism regularly served as a topic of debate. Two years later, headlines have shifted from looming terrorist threats to the Russia probe and President Trump's regular antics....
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Is the all-meat diet legit?

Unlike its dietary predecessors, “carnivorism,” as it has come to be known, has a new, strangely political twist. Conservatives are utilizing an all-meat diet as a tactic to antagonize the left. But for other strict carnivores, the diet seems to perform miracles. Could an all-meat diet actually be beneficial to one’s health, or is it just a troll? What do you think?
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Do smartphones cause mental illness?

The kids are not alright. According to new research highlighted by The Conversation, teens are more depressed, and both suicide and suicide attempt rates among U.S. teens are up double digits since 2010. Professor of Psychology Jean Twenge argues this disturbing trend is likely due to the smartphone. Smartphones are leaving people isolated and at risk of depression. However, Professor of...
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Should public schools close for Jewish holidays?

For some students, holiday breaks arrive much sooner than Thanksgiving and Christmas. The two Jewish High Holy days, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, often fall on September. In areas with small Jewish populations, closing public schools on these days might seem unnecessary, but in areas with high Jewish populations, school calendars act as a direct reflection of equity with other religious groups....
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Should Tesla boot Elon Musk?

No one can question Elon Musk's genius, but many people are wondering whether he should keep his CEO status at Tesla. By smoking a joint during his interview with Joe Rogan, Musk committed his latest offense against so-called "CEO standards." As the leader of a public-but-almost-private company, shareholders believe Musk should behave in a certain manner, while those less vested in the company...
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Is it still racist to support New Balance?

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t the first time former customers torched their shoes in protest. In 2016, New Balance gave then newly-elected President Trump immediate support on one of his international trade policies. Accusations of racism swamped the shoe company as a result, but is it possible for an entire company to be racist? The Boston-based company says its support was driven by policy and...
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Will Starbucks ruin coffee in Italy?

There is indeed a land where ordering a latte in the afternoon is quite strange. And ordering your coffee over ice? Forget it. Notorious for its rituals and rules, Italian coffee culture remains sacred—until now. This September, the ultimate American coffee juggernaut lands in Milan, and the world’s ‘most beautiful’ Starbucks will officially open its doors for business. Some worry the chain will...
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Best caffeine fix for health nuts: Matcha or kombucha?

Kiss that 2 p.m. cup of coffee goodbye. Millennials and health-nuts alike are turning to new—or rather, old—invigorating beverages to get them through the afternoon slump: matcha and kombucha. Both are teeming with health benefits, have existed for centuries, and boast cult followings. Countless kombucha varieties line grocery store shelves, and matcha lattes have become a staple menu item of...
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