Is the zombie apocalypse already here?
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Is the zombie apocalypse already here?

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From "The Walking Dead" to "Game of Thrones," Americans are obsessed with the zombie apocalypse. Some cultural observers say it's because we feel like the end times are happening right now; the metaphor of societal breakdown brought on by roving hordes of soulless consumers rings all too true for many. But others scoffonly the privileged would actually think that 2017 America is the apocalypse. What do you think? 😱

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Morgan Freeman says the undead are already here, and they are us.

“I mean, what exactly is the definition of a zombie? Is it something that is undead and not in control? If that’s true, then we’re in the middle of an apocalypse right now. Because everybody is controlled by something else. Your smartphone is in control of you and computers are in control of all of us.”

Hordes of Americans shamble mindlessly through their lives, their faces glued to screens.

Many Trump opponents think some of the president's cult-like followers share elements of a mindless, undead zombie herd, sucking the life from the living.

But right-wingers think the same of Clinton supporters/leftists: brain-dead psychos who will destroy the world.

Others say calm down already. Political and social disagreements don't mean your opposition is the same as a rotting, undead horde. You're not living in TWD.

Justin Brown says we need to grow up and get real.

I now feel a responsibility to myself and the world to completely unravel any semblance of the well-accepted cultural delusion that zombies could actually take over the world....


No actual virus/infection exists that would turn living people into soulless, plodding flesh-hungry beasts.

Sean Posey says there's a reason why "The Walking Dead" is the most popular show in America: it reflects the sad breakdown of our society, and the end of Pax Americana.

"The Walking Dead" highlights the failure of community in America....[It] is also much more about the failure of people, institutions, and community, than it is about zombies. As the American people—and American institutions—have failed to respond in the proper way, the zombie has become a more trenchant symbol of a country walking dead.
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