Would you eat synthetic meat?
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Would you eat synthetic meat?

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It's a strange idea at first, but it has more implications than we immediately think. It's reasonable to assume that in the near future synthetic meat will be a reality. Once it is affordable, you'll be posed with a question. Will you buy and eat synthetic meat, or stick to the natural stuff?

Synthetic meat has the chemical composition of meat from animals. However, it was never alive — at least, not as part of a conscious creature.

What does this mean for people who eat kosher or halal meat? Many modern vegetarians abstain from meat for moral or environmental reasons. Synthetic meat, which is grown in sterile environments, could be grown in a more sustainable environment devoid of antibiotics. 

Let's also admit that the idea of eating synthetic meat is straight up weird. Anyone that questions GMO food certainly would want to think twice before putting fake meat in their system. Fake tofu meat tastes bad enough, who needs the rubber that is going to be grown in a vat, right? 

So would you eat #SyntheticMeat if it were available or would you stick with #NaturalMeat?

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"Can synthetic beef satisfy the world's growing hunger for meat?" The Guardian takes a look.
Here's an investigation that shows a trick the meat industry already pulls off. They take scraps of meat and with a meat glue, bring it all together and sell it as cuts of steak. We have enough artificial stuff happening to our meat already, humans should get back to natural meat, not get more synthetic.
There are a lot of people who would give up real meat for synthetic meat the moment there is a viable substitute.
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