Why is the new Ghostbusters the most disliked YouTube trailer ever?
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Why is the new Ghostbusters the most disliked YouTube trailer ever?

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The new Ghostbusters trailer is now officially the most disliked YouTube movie trailer of all time. With 598,072 dislikes (as of Sunday), it is the 23rd most disliked YouTube video of all time regardless of genre. 

What people can't seen to agree on is why the reaction to the film has been so strong. Is it inspired by misogyny or is the trailer just straight up bad.

Lots of people think the dislike-brigade is a reaction to the all female cast. They argue the backlash to the trailer is another example of a society that doesn't make room for women in positions of power. The film replaces the 80s and 90s male characters Venkman, Raymond, Egon and Winston with four female ghostbusters. The film has a feminist message and this, defenders say, is the reason why all the haters came out. 

Others say the dislikes have nothing to do with gender and everything to do with the film itself. Reboots in general are looked down upon as lazy and they say this trailer only shows off bad effects, corny jokes that don't land, cliche characters and a predictable plot. The hate, they say, is due to the film's quality and not the quantity of women involved in its making. There is also anger about the role of race in the film. While the three lead white women are scientists, the African American woman is a NYC Subway employee who admits she doesn't know the "science and stuff" but has the street smarts to still be helpful.

So why has this new trailer gotten so much hate. Is it a bad trailer or are men just getting their panties in a bunch?

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This is the most disliked YouTube movie trailer of all time.
Is it a coincidence that it's the MOST hated of all time. Or could it be related to the gender of the lead characters and message of the film?
Critics of the film say they aren't motivated in their dislike by the all female cast or the feminist message. Instead, they say the film just looks bad.
If you want a blow-by-blow breakdown of the trailer check out this review by Machinima. The two reviewers seem split with one defending and the other attacking the trailer.
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