What's the best way to get clean: Showers or baths?

What's the best way to get clean: Showers or baths?

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Let's face it, humans are dirty animals. Personal hygiene isn't just good for social purposes, it keeps you healthy. So what's the best way to get clean? Bathing is more versatile; you can do it in a river, lake or bathtub. Throughout history, baths have been used for both social gatherings and religious purposes. But showers are arguably more convenient, efficient and effective. If this is about getting clean, you want dirty water going down the drainnot wading around you. What do you think? 🚿 🛁

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This is an age old debate. Here are twins debating it out. One is pro-shower and the other is pro-bath. They bring hardcore arguments for each side. 


  • Relaxing
  • Great ideas will come to you while taking a bath
  • Shower toys and accessories
  • Hot tubs
  • You can read in the bath


  • Quicker
  • Not stewing in your own dirty water
  • For adults, not kids! 
  • No pruning
  1. When Your Body Aches
  2. When Your Skin is Parched
  3. When Your Mind is Racing
  4. When Your Hair is Just Right
  5. When Your Throat Needs Whiskey

Baths are just the Devil's shower. Do you really want to stew in your own dirty water? Like somehow it's cool to rub your own smelly essence into your skin. 

Showers have variety. And you can really luxuriate in the process of getting clean. 

Showering is the environmentally savvy choice.


A bath fit for a queen indeed. Bathing is ancient, time-tested practice, and was more popular than showers for a long time. 

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