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Was it wrong to feature Sean Spicer at the Emmys?

Here's Spicer's appearance at the Emmys. Was this okay?


Bringing Spicer onto the stage is normalization of everything that Trump administration is doing. There's no way around it. He lied to the American public on behalf of Trump throughout his time in the White House. He ultimately left the White House in disgrace after being mocked nearly daily for his press briefings. 

Spicer isn't just another oafish character in the Trump administration. He played a significant and important role in Trump's war on truth and American norms. He had no problems directly lying to the American public to keep his boss happy. 

This is not the kind of person we should normalize. Bringing him on stage helped Spicer sanitize his image. He should be treated like a pariah for the damage he's inflicted on America.

Here's how Frank Bruni at the New York Times puts it:

But there are other, better ways to make that gesture and explore that phenomenon, ways that don’t play down and pretty up the ugliness of Trump’s ascent, ways that don’t bestow rewards on operatives who stomached stuff and peddled wares that no responsible patriot, regardless of his or her political leanings, should.
The embrace of Trump’s alumni says that finagling proximity to power, getting your face on TV and having your name trend on Twitter are accomplishments in and of themselves and will always pay off. Sure, some catcalls will come your way. But that’s nothing compared with a cameo at the Emmys.

Others, generally conservatives, think Spicer was hilarious. It was just a joke. At his expense, no less! He's no longer a White House official. And he's actually kind of funny in his own way. 

Spicer said he regrets berating reporters over the crowd size at the inauguration. Does he need to self flagellate and and commit seppuku before he's allowed to come near the American public again? Hollywood's incessant bashing of Trump and the nonstop political commentary is probably why the ratings for the award show hit an all-time low.

It's just a joke and a pretty funny one at that. Calm down, everyone.

Here's what Spicer said about his performance:

“It’s an honor,” Spicer said of the chance to attend and participate in the Emmys. “I have a lot of respect for folks who do what they do in film and on television, so it’s a real honor to be invited.”
As for how his appearance came together, Spicer said it was quite simple. “I had a conversation with Stephen [Colbert] and his executive producer,” he explained. “They came up with a concept, and I thought it was kinda funny. I said I’d be there.” 
Was it wrong to feature Sean Spicer at the Emmys?
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