Speculation continues around cause of Prince's death

Speculation continues around cause of Prince's death

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The world is still reeling in shock from the news of Prince's death on April 21. The 57-year-old singer was in the midst of a global tour and appeared to be in perfect health. We now know that, six days before he died he was rushed to a hospital and treated for an overdose of Percocet, a powerful opioid pain medication. 

As details emerge, speculation has run rampant that Prince was abusing or addicted to prescription painkillers. Passionate fans argue it's way too soon to theorize about how and why Prince died and that salacious rumors disrespect his surviving family members, his memory, and the loss millions of people are experiencing.

Is it too soon to speculate about how and why Prince died? Or does the public have a right to speculate about what happened?

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Many fans felt the media should focus on celebrating Prince's legacy first, the cause of death second.
People cautioned against rushing to judgment about Prince's overdose and the causes behind it.
Some fans accused the media of being straight-up vultures.
And some called out news outlets for publishing unconfirmed stories from questionable sources.
Some thought there was no reason to tiptoe around the story.
Comedian Margaret Cho echoed the sentiments of many fans here.
Others contended that, if indeed Prince's death was caused by prescription drugs, better for the public to be educated about their dangers.
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