Should Girl Scouts be permitted to sell cookies outside of weed dispensaries?
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Should Girl Scouts be permitted to sell cookies outside of weed dispensaries?

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The Girl Scouts of Colorado now allows Girl Scouts to sell cookies outside cannabis dispensaries. Previously, Girl Scouts could only ply their wares outside "family-oriented" businesses, but the new regulations now permit sales at weed stores, and some scouts are making bank as a result. Critics are horrified and argue we must protect children from marijuana, but others applaud the girls' entrepreneurial spirit and say we need to get over our reefer madness. What do you think? 🌿🍪🌿

The Votes Are In!

All proposals for onsite sales must be approved by Girl Scouts of Colorado, so the girls will be monitored. Many argue we should give the Girl Scouts props for their enterprising spirit—what better place to sell cookies than to people walking out of weed stores?

Some people say it's not a good idea: IT'S THE BEST IDEA EVER 🌿🍪🌿

Enough with the demonizing of cannabis smokers. They're not criminals or dangerous to children—they're harmless and hungry and just want some Thin Mints!

But others say they would not want their young daughters to post up outside of a weed shop.

And they argue no responsible parent would ever permit it.

Critics say the Scouts are profiting off the drug industry.

And many Girl Scout councils still bar Girl Scouts from selling cookies outside adult businesses.

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