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Common misconceptions within sex education

According to data from The Tylt, 77 percent of readers believe sex ed in America is ineffective. Why is that?

Francisco Ramirez is a speaker and consultant on sexual wellness and sexual health. His work has involved leading multi-lingual education and research efforts as a global consultant to the UN, as well as offering "Free Sex Advice" in New York City parks. Ramirez brings a fresh, nuanced approach to sexual wellness and he wants to clear a few things up. Talking about sex is scary, but it doesn't have to be! Schools in the United States teach a bare-bones version of sex ed—abstinence by choice, STIs and proper protection should all be part of the conversation, but reaching optimum sexual wellness is nearly impossible from typical classroom setting. From better representation of bodies of all shapes, sizes, abilities, ethnicities and ages to LGBT sex, Francisco shares how sex education can improve, while also giving everyone some advice they can implement today. 

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