Psychology Today says dogs don't like hugs
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Psychology Today says dogs don't like hugs

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Dog owners are probably really upset today. New research collected by a scientific researcher at Psychology Today claims that most dogs don't actually like hugs. Yes ... you read that right! Allegedly, hugging your dog stresses them out. But many dog owners and lovers are in denial. 

Does this prove hugging such loving creatures really stress them out? Or can this research be wrong because you've experienced how much dogs love hugs?

Some news outlets called out the study for lacking evidence. The study was conducted by one man from Psychology Today, who studied 250 photos of dog hugs from Google and Flickr. 

But is it possible? Do #DogsLoveHugs or do #DogsHateHugs?

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Psychology Today researched that dogs don’t like hugs. Hugs stress them out.
Washington Post also blasted the research.
Some dog owners and lovers aren’t happy with this research — saying their dogs love hugs.
The Huffington Post called out the research collected by one man. He studied 250 photos. The writer Hilary Hanson questioned if the photos he googled are of dogs making funny faces and owners staging hugs to make it look "more awkward." Although, she mentioned that dogs might not like to be embraced as much as you think.
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