Prince has died
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Prince has died

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Prince, the influential and sometimes controversial music artist, has died. The outpouring of condolences and tributes on social media from artists, actors and musicians from around the world are a testament to the kind of influence Prince had on the industry. 

As part of a tribute let's ask a question that music nerds around the world have asked themselves at some point. What's your favorite Prince song? We've narrowed the debate down to two: #PurpleRain or #WhenDovesCry

When Doves Cry was the lead single on the 1984 Purple Rain album. As a testament to Prince's musical genius, it's one of the rare pop singles that doesn't have a bass line. Prince didn't even need a bass line to write a hit song!!!!

Purple Rain is the title track on the same album. It's a musical combination of rock, pop, gospel and orchestral music. Rolling Stone placed it 143 in its top 500 songs of all time.

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Not surprised The Poetry Society called out this line.
Prince wasn't just a pop musician. He was considered a true artist.
Purple Rain is considered an epic song that highlighted Princes virtuosity.
"When Doves Cry" is arguably the more popular song by Prince.
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