Prince: Greatest guitarist of all time?
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Prince: Greatest guitarist of all time?

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Prince's untimely death has shocked and saddened the world, and has caused millions to revisit his musical legacy. 

Famed for his effortless virtuosity on numerous instruments, his 2004 performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was dubbed by many the greatest guitar solo in rock history. 

At their South Carolina concert Thursday night, Pearl Jam paid tribute to the iconic performer by performing  "Purple Rain,"  and lead singer Eddie Vedder proclaimed Prince "the greatest guitar player we've ever seen." 

Does Prince's 2004 solo make him the greatest guitarist of all time? Or are there others more worthy of the title ... let's say Jimi Hendrix?

 What do you think?

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Eric Clapton reportedly thinks Prince is the greatest of all time (and he knew Jimi Hendrix personally).
For many, Jimi Hendrix will forever hold the GOAT title.
Long before Prince's death, his performance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's George Harrison tribute was widely lauded as the greatest guitar solo of all time.
Other fans argue Prince was Hendrix's equal, not his superior.
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