The Tylt

Let’s all go to the movies—how Millennials and Gen Z are keeping the movie-going business alive.

Going to the movies used to be a big affair. These days it’s more of an endeavor. With rising ticket prices and overall lack of new content (how many more reboots can there possibly be?), one would assume that what was once viewed as among America’s favorite pastimes is being pushed to the wayside by at-home streaming services. But one wouldn’t be entirely correct. 

Tylt users have revealed that the love of going out to see movies among Millennials and Gen Z remains strong. More than 69.1 percent of them claimed that—as opposed to finding them overrated—they enjoy movie experiences such as dine-in theaters. Even theaters’ new policies don’t appear to keep Millennial and Gen Z moviegoers from seeing a show. In fact, 53.1 percent of them stated they were in favor of assigned seating for movies.

But what about those ever-increasing ticket prices? Wouldn’t those be a deterrent for younger audiences—or indeed, audience members of any age—from going to the theater? Not so. According to Bloomberg, movie theater attendance has been stronger than ever. This sentiment is echoed by Film School Rejects, which states how quality audio systems and watching films on screen remain a big draw for Millennials and Gen Z to mosey over to the movies.

And they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves, too. It seems in an effort to work around prices, Millennials and Gen Z are taking matters into their own hands. 95.6 percent of them advocated for sneaking food into movie theaters in order to avoid paying inflated prices for snacks. So look closely—if you see some ladies munching away while catching a show, it's because 87.9 percent of them voted “yes” to sneaking those Snickers into theaters, 46 percent of them between the ages of 25 and 30.

Despite the numerous ways Millennials and Gen Z can stream movies within the comfort of their own homes, the urge to trek outside for entertainment remains very much alive. And no matter how cinemas might adapt in order to address future changes, one thing will always be certain—there’s nothing quite like movie theater popcorn.