Who will have a bigger impact on the 2016 election?
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Who will have a bigger impact on the 2016 election?

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Jon Stewart, former host of The Daily Show, called Donald Trump a "man-baby" during a live taping of the The Axe Files hosted by David Axelrod. "At this point I would vote for Mr. T over Donald Trump," Stewart said. 

Stewart hasn't been silent since leaving The Daily Show in 2015. He hosted the satirical comedy show for 16 years, but has also directed a movie and recently announced a deal with HBO. Stewart helped create The Daily Show into a political juggernaut that could even hold satirical rallies to restore sanity. During his reign as The Daily Show host people hung on his every word. It's no surprise that he still has sway and a biting manner to put this election season in perspective. 

But The Daily Show became bigger than just one person. And Trevor Noah, now in the "anchor" chair, has made The Daily Show his own. It has a more international focus and diverse staff. The Daily Show still has a massive audience on television and social media, and when it targets something for ridicule, Noah and his team have impact. 

So who will have a bigger impact on the 2016 presidential election? Noah will have The Daily Show four nights a week. Stewart will be on less often and only available on HBO, but has the backing of 16 years of The Daily Show pedigree.

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Stewart called Trump a "man-baby" — and again, many are saying how his commentary is needed during the 2016 elections.
This 'Daily Show' fan really wants Stewart over Noah.
However, many have supported Noah's commentary on Trump and other political candidates during the 2016 elections.
And this fan simply supports what Noah has done for the show.
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