Oh hey, it's #NationalSendANudeDay! Are nude pics welcome or weird?
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Oh hey, it's #NationalSendANudeDay! Are nude pics welcome or weird?

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In yet another incidence of strange holidays invented by the Internet, it's #NationalSendANudeDay. In a smartphone-and-Kardashian-infested world, naked selfies have become commonplace. 

When Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton's phones were hacked and their nude photos circulated, many blasted the actresses as foolish and slut-shamed them. Although the social penalties for women are far harsher, men whose nude photos go viral can also experience backlash (we're looking at you, Anthony Weiner). Other celebrities post nude photos of themselves for publicity or to advance a cause (#FreeTheNipple, anyone?).

Do you find nude pics weird or welcome?

In general, women are more skeeved by receiving nude pics than men are (though individual results may vary). And people across the gender spectrum report that their response to naked photos often depends on context and their relationship with the sender.

What do you think: #NudePicsWelcome or #NudePicsWeird?

The Votes Are In!
Some women are just not down with the nude pic.
Others warned against the risks of sending nude pics—the Internet is forever.
Fans of nude pics think we all need to be a little less uptight.
Many people encouraged nude selfie takers to exercise caution but also have fun.
Shockingly, Kim Kardashian is a huge fan.
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