The Tylt

The State of Sex Ed in America

According to data from The Tylt, 77 percent of readers believe sex ed in schools is ineffective. Francisco Ramirez, MPH, a speaker and consultant in sexual health, sexual respect, and diversity and inclusion joins host Jessie Blaeser to discuss where to start when it comes to addressing gaps in sex ed in America.

Ramirez has dedicated his career to dismantling the taboo surrounding sex. He has worked on a global scale, leading education and research with the United Nations, UNICEF, Planned Parenthood, MTV and more. He is the co-host of New York Magazine's YouTube series "Sex Probz" and offers "Free Sex Advice" in New York City parks on the weekends. Most recently, Ramirez launched an app called "OkaySo" which brings expert sex advice straight to your phone.

In this episode, Blaeser asks Ramirez the all-important question: How can America improve sex education to become a more inclusive, all-encompassing experience for students? Ramirez's answers might surprise you.