Is saying 'hey guys' sexist?
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Is saying 'hey guys' sexist?

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When speaking to a group of people, is the phrase 'hey guys' or 'you guys' (or just 'guys') socially acceptable? Most well-intentioned people use it. It almost always means "Hey everyone, I'm speaking to right now." There's no deep thought behind it. But lots of people aren't guys. Shouldn't we say "hey everyone" instead? What some see as harmless, others might see as sexist. What do you think?

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This Vox article explains in detail why gendered phrases like "hey guys" aren't cool.

"Words are tools of thought. We can use words to maintain the status quo or to think in new ways -- which in turn creates the possibility of a new reality. It makes a difference if I think of myself as a 'girl' or a 'woman.' ... It makes a difference if we talk about 'Negroes' or 'African-Americans.' Do we want a truly inclusive language or one that just pretends?"

This National Review article is a direct response to Vox's. It's snarky AF.

"As soon as I hear it ['you guys'], my whole day is ruined. I can't focus at work, I can't eat, and I can't sleep — at least not without a meditation exercise where I breathe deeply and recite the day's Jezebel headlines to myself as a reminder that there are at least some reasonable people in this crazy world."

It's easy to dismiss, but maybe that's part of the problem. Obviously the term is gendered. Language is important as a reflection of values. Show some class and refer to people in a gender neutral way.

This whole thing is overly complicated. We all know what people mean when they say "you guys." We don't need this never-ending list of regular things that are sexist.

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