Are you over 'sexy' Halloween costumes?

Are you over 'sexy' Halloween costumes?

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Remember those long-ago, innocent days when people simply dressed up as ghosts and superheroes for Halloween? Now it seems every costume comes with a sexy twist—from sexy prison inmate to sexy Freddy Krueger. "Ebola" and "sexy" should never occupy the same sentence—many argue these costumes aren't seductive, they're just stupid (and often super inappropriate). Others say stop being so prudish and slut-shaming; if people want to dress sexy that's their business. What do you think? 

The Votes Are In!

Practically the entire "sexy costume" trend is geared towards younger women, who are pushed to wear something revealing that they can "still pull off" (ostensibly, before they become old and undesirable). Then, when they wear a sexy costume, they're called harlots and worse. Women can't win here.

The "sexy" twist can go so, so wrong...

Others say "slut up" and to hell with the naysayers!

Sex advice columnist Dan Savage argues that criticizing women for wearing sexy costumes is just sex negative, and shames women for exploring their sexuality. He's dubbed Halloween the heteronormative version of Pride—an opportunity to celebrate sexuality, be outrageous, and have some fun.

Savage acknowledges the double standard; it’s unfair that women are the ones who strip down while men don’t, but he points out that the culture at large expects women to be put on display, an expectation which carries over into Halloween traditions. All this negativity around sexy female Halloween costumes just comes across as prudish.

Celebrate Slutween!

 But Suzanne Scoggins argues Dan is dead wrong. The sexy costume trend isn't about liberation—it's just more patriarchal bullshit.

The message is clear. Women can’t just be astronauts or cops or firefighters. They have to be sexy astronauts, sexy cops, sexy firefighters. They have to uphold that traditional patriarchal obligation to be sexually pleasing to men.

Stop telling women what to wear! If we want to be sexy Ken Bone for Halloween, then so be it!

But WHY WHY does a sexy Ken Bone costume even exist?!

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