Fans compare "Lemonade" and "Views"

Fans compare "Lemonade" and "Views"

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Within the last week, two of the most highly anticipated albums of 2016 were released: Beyonce's second visual album, "Lemonade" and Drake's overdue album, "Views."

Fans aren't just enjoying both albums, which feature both artists reviewing their relationship ills. The BeyHive and Drake fans are comparing "Lemonade" and "Views" against each other.

Beyonce takes it up a notch with "Lemonade." Card-holding BeyHive members tuned in to watch the visual album on Saturday, April 23 on HBO.

Drake followed Bey by hosting a global listening party on Thursday, April 28 and released the album to Apple Music on Friday. His followers responded on Twitter with emotional reactions about their own relationship problems.

So which album is better - "Lemonade" or "Views"?

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Some fans don’t know what to listen to ever since “Views” dropped after “Lemonade."
Some fans love both.
Many within the BeyHive are still loyal.
Drake fans are happy he’s back with new music. Some are saying it's better than "Lemonade."
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