Should we cancel men?
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Should we cancel men?

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Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke and the #MeToo campaign went viral, new sexual harassment reports break daily. Admired Democrats like Al Franken and John Conyers, media figures like Charlie Rose and Glenn Thrush, and progressive reporters like Jordan Chariton and Matt Taibbi all stand accused. Even our president has been accused of abuse by 16 women. Some say generalizations about how all men suck won't solve the problem, but others are ready to cancel males completely. What do you think?

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The president of the United States, the most powerful man in conservative media, and the most popular cable news show host have all been accused of rampant sexual misconduct and even assault. Even men want to cancel men at this point.

I’m pulling this car over.
I don’t want to do this. But it’s time we have a talk. Man to men. It’s become clear that we men cannot emotionally handle the fact that we are flawed, imperfect and selfish human beings who don’t like it when shit changes. 

Remember when we thought Al Franken, Louis CK, and Jeffrey Tambor were allies? Some women are saying with friends like these, who needs enemies? Maybe we're better off just canceling men as a whole.

But some say maligning an entire gender is just making the problem worse—plus, it's total hypocrisy on the part of liberals and feminists, who would be up in arms if #CancelWomen was trending.

Some are sick of the man-bashing, and argue it is both pointless and unfair.

But others say women and their allies are allowed to express outrage and frustration at the misogyny and rape culture that permeates every part of our existence. They want men to listen instead of interrupting to insist that some guys are good and that they are the exception to the sexual harassing rule. 

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