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Case of the Mondays: The Series

The Tylt's Editor-At-Large, Jessie Blaeser, has found herself self-isolating in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. With not much to do, Jessie's turning to The Tylt to plan her fun! Whether it's celebrating her birthday or having a day of self-care, vote to help Jessie decide what she should do, and then tune back in to see the results!

Introducing Case of the Mondays, a new series from The Tylt! Now, Jessie's day is in your hands. 


While it's not the most important thing, it's still a bummer to celebrate your birthday alone. See what kind of cake Tylters voted for Jessie to make and how her Zoom party turned out!

Celebrating a birthday in quarantine? Here's some suggestions for you to explore!


Why stay in 2020 when you can travel back to the '90s? On this episode, Jessie decides between Eggo waffles and Toaster Strudel and tries to take her scooter for a spin with unexpected results.

Plan your own perfect '90s day!


When you're inside for a long time, it's important to remember to take care of yourself. Let's see how Jessie's self care day turned out!

Check out some ideas for your own self-care day!