Budweiser is calling itself "America" this summer
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Budweiser is calling itself "America" this summer

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Budweiser, which is owned by Belgian/Brazilian Inbev, is renaming its beer America for the summer. That's right. For the next three months, you can get drunk on America.

From SBNation's Roget Sherman: "I will drink several hundred of these cans. I will go to the grocery store, I will look at the cheaper beers, look at the better tasting beers, and look at the beers that say AMERICA. And I will buy the ones that say AMERICA, quality, price, taste and everything else be damned."

Budweiser is as American as apple pie. It might as well have the name. And you know deep down in your heart of hearts, a part of you will want to shout out "fuck yea" every time somebody asks if you want to drink a nice cold America.

On the other hand, Budweiser doesn't exactly show off American craftsmanship. There is a growing movement of craft beer in the US and for them Budweiser is skunk and untouchable. This is the country that brought the world Brooklyn Brewery, Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas and more. These are the real American beers. 

Is the renaming of Budweiser to claim the whole country a cheap marketing ploy? Undoubtably. The question is, will it work? 

This summer, will you grab a can of America and swig it down, or will you spend a little extra dough for an American craft beer?

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The news was first announced via Fast Company.
The new name lends itself to a little patriotic play of words. Just have fun with it.
The new name won't fool anyone. Budweiser is a huge company that brews beer in unimaginable quantities. Craft American beer is made with love.
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