Should stores stay closed on Thanksgiving?
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Should stores stay closed on Thanksgiving?

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Retail stores typically kick off their big Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving nowadays. But some stores are now opting to stay closed on Thanksgiving because workers should be allowed to enjoy the holiday at home with their families. Others argue hospital workers and police officers work throughout the holidays, and that it's reasonable to expect retail employees to work on the biggest shopping day of the year. Should retailers stay open on Thanksgiving? 🏬 🦃

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People who love those midnight-on-Thanksgiving Black Friday deals may be disappointed, as many stores are opting to keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving Day this year.

At least 55 major stores will remain closed for Thanksgiving 2017, including Costco, Guitar Center, H&M, Ikea, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Patagonia and Raymour & Flanigan, according to Black Friday deals site

It's a dilemma for many retailers, who feel pressure to offer consumers deals and get a jump on their competition.

It’s Econ 101: If there’s a demand in a capitalistic society, a supply will occur....
As long as shoppers want to make purchases on Thanksgiving, stores will continue to accommodate them.

But the trend in the direction of staying closed seems to be growing.

Other outlets will stay open as a way to stay competitive.

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