Beyonce releases her second visual album
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Beyonce releases her second visual album

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Members of the BeyHive are sipping on some sweet-ass lemonade right now, and it's because our queen—Beyonce—snatched our edges yet again! Yep, she's back with yet another surprise release: her second visual album, "Lemonade," which is now dominating iTunes and Tidal. 

Although "Lemonade" is a HUGE pop culture phenomenon, is it bigger than "Beyonce" — the self-titled visual album that was her first big surprise release? 

The Internet can't stop talking about the short-doc/visual album "Lemonade" that premiered Saturday night on HBO. The record is filled with pop culture and personal references, calling out Jay-Z's cheating and "Becky with the good hair"; uplifting the mothers of slain Black boys; honoring Black southern culture; and overall, empowering Black women with anthems like "Sorry."

Beyonce started envisioning her albums as visual representations of music with "B'Day" (2006) when she created a music video for almost every song on the album. But "Beyonce" was her first official visual album—she literally broke the Internet with the surprise release in 2013, which featured hits like "Drunk in Love," "***Flawless" and "Partition." "I woke up like this" and "surfboard" became huge pop culture references in 2014.

So again — the "Beygency" might come for the Tylt and anyone who participates. But "Beyonce" or "Lemonade": what do you think?

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"Drunk in Love" peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and arguably became her biggest hit from the "Beyonce" album.
Some think "Lemonade" is a good effort, but not better than "Beyonce."
Beyonce released her second visual album this past weekend.
Some critics are calling "Lemonade" her best album yet.
Some of the BeyHive would agree.
"Lemonade" features "Formation," which broke the Internet with fans and critics dissecting the video, think pieces on Black female empowerment, and those who weren't for it.
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