Do you prefer your margarita frozen or on the rocks?
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Do you prefer your margarita frozen or on the rocks?

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It's National Margarita Day and we're asking: do you want your margarita frozen or on the rocks? Aficionados usually scorn the frozen variety and argue you get much more tequila and citrus flavor in a margarita on the rocks. But others say there's nothing better on a hot summer day than a super slushy margarita with a fruit puree, and if loving the ultimate sorority girl drink is wrong, they don't want to be right! Frozen or on the rocks?🍹

The Votes Are In!

Yeah, yeah. Cocktail aficionados scorn the frozen margarita as the ultimate Bennigan's beverage. But a few mixologists do say that frozen is the way to go:

Cocktail enthusiasts have learned to turn their noses up at the frozen variety, but I'm here to say that that's the wrong move. I'll repeat: Putting a margarita on the rocks is about the worst way to drink the cocktail. A classic margarita is a shaken cocktail; the chilling and diluting that occur by shaking tequila, lime, and triple sec with ice defines the drink. Pouring that drink over ice will make it watery and wan.

For others, a frozen margarita is an abomination.

Because, you see, the frozen margarita is not even a real margarita. It’s a more digestible American facsimile of traditional Mexican fare, and it’s often watered down to the point where you can’t even taste the booze. Let me repeat that: Can’t even. Taste. The booze.

Rocks fans say frozen margaritas are for children.

But frozen fans say kids have great taste, what's wrong with a slushy that has booze in it?

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