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Best hot sauce: Cholula or Sriracha?

Doesn't matter the ranking, Cholula and Sriracha almost always end up in some combination of the top two spots. And why not? They're both perfectly balanced hot sauces that go well with just about everything. Here are some fun facts courtesy of the Huffington Post about both brands:

Interesting Fact: The 2,500 year old city of Cholula has 365 churches and is the oldest inhabited city in Central America.
Best On: Eggs, according to our research, but it’s generally the go-to for all breakfast needs.
Spiciness: 4 of 5
Interesting Fact: The Rooster on the bottle corresponds with the founder’s birth year on the Chinese zodiac.
Best On: Everything, you really can’t miss with this stuff.
Spiciness: 2 of 5
Best hot sauce: Cholula or Sriracha?
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